Book Contents

The book covers a wide spectrum of turnaround topics starting from the most important Front-end Loading through Post-Turnaround Performance Evaluation.
It includes the following chapters :

Section I

Executive Leadership

Chapter 1. Turnaround Leadership
Chapter 2. Turnaround Management Process
Chapter 3. Business Planning

Section II

Strategic Focus

Chapter 4. Strategic Turnaround Planning
Chapter 5. High Performance Organization
Chapter 6. Contracting Strategy & Plans
Chapter 7. Safety, Health & Environment

Section III

Turnaround Planning

Chapter 8. Work Scope Management
Chapter 9. Materials Management & Logistics
Chapter 10. Resource Planning & Controls
Chapter 11. Operations Planning

Section IV

Management Controls

Chapter 12. Planning & Schedule Controls
Chapter 13. Budget & Cost Management
Chapter 14. Progress Reporting & Forecasting

Section V

Turnaround Execution

Chapter 15. Pre-Turnaround & Preparation
Chapter 16. Turnaround Field Execution
Chapter 17. Productivity Tracking & Improvement
Chapter 18. Post-Turnaround & Evaluation

Section VI

Pacesetter Implementation

Chapter 19. Communication & Information Management
Chapter 20. Implementation Challenges & Strategies


Appendix A. Singh's Commandments for World-Class Shutdowns Turnarounds
Appendix B. Turnaround Management Capabilities Assessment Checklist
Appendix C. Glossary of Turnaround Terms
Appendix D. Resources for Turnaround Managers
Appendix E. Recommended Reading & References
Appendix G. Author Profile